“This book is an excellent resource for all by virtue of its ability to enlighten the community about the seriousness of concussions. It is timely, current, easy to read and it has invaluable information that can impact readers of all ages. It’s All in Your Head provides clear and concise guidance based upon extensive research which is congruent with New York State Education Department guidelines. This is a must read for anyone in the field of health and/or athletics.”

Karen Cofino, BSN, RN, NCSN
President, New York State Association of School Nurses

“Very well done and provides practical and important information for medical professionals, athletes, parents and coaches.”

Mark R. Lovell, Ph.D., FACPN
Chairman, Software Developer and CEO, ImPACT Applications, Inc.

“As an Athletic Director, concussion management is now in the forefront. Concussion management, including educating coaches, athletes, and parents regarding safety procedures surrounding concussions, is both time consuming and challenging. Our school personnel are now responsible for educating parents, coaches, and student athletes to recognize the signs and symptoms of concussions.

As our student athletes physiologically and neurologically push themselves to the limit, they must be well equipped with strategies to understand how their brains and bodies function. As a result, our education programs around MTBI have become crucial for athletes, coaches, and parents. Young athletes are now playing organized sports earlier and for longer periods of time.  They need to possess knowledge and safety practices allowing them to participate in athletics over the course of a lifetime.

Dr. Engelland has brought the language down to a level all stakeholders can understand. The quick reference guide is a must have reference for athletic administrators.”

Bari Suman
Director of Health,
Physical Education and Athletics, Mamaroneck Union Free School District
President of BOCES, Conference 2