Concussion Course for Coaches Hits a Million Views


As concussion awareness has risen, it has become clear that all members of the community– from the unaffiliated bystander to the parents, coaches, athletes, school personnel and medical providers–play an important role in the prevention, detection, diagnosis and management of head injuries in our students.

The National Federation of State High School Associations announced last week that the million mark was passed by coaches taking an online concussion course.  The course, “Concussion in Sports – What You Need to Know,” was designed by the Centers for Disease Control and is free of charge. In some states such a course is now one of the mandated steps required by public school districts to comply with concussion policies.

A brief introduction to the course by the NFHS can be seen here. The CDC course itself is available online here. The CDC also has a free online course for medical providers available here.

More and more communities are requiring sideline personnel to be trained in the new guidelines for concussion management.  With all of the recent publicity it may be hard to believe that many medical providers as well as lay people are still thinking that the old ways are OK.  But we no longer put anyone even suspected of a concussion back in the game or let them “run it off.” And that’s just the start of how things are changing.

The CDC courses have helped raise awareness and should continue to be an integral part of community programs. But often they are just a starting point in what is really a change in our culture that has glorified athletics and sports even if the price has been too steep.

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