It’s All in Your Head: Everyone’s Guide to Managing Concussions will walk you through the steps of evaluating a head injury and will assist in diagnosing, managing, and recovering from a concussion. Based on the simple principle of The Four Rs: Recognize, Respond, Rest, and Reassess, It’s All in Your Head will empower you to support the injured and advocate for the best possible treatment and outcome, whether the injured person is you or someone you care about.

Following the Four Rs will guide the injured through what they need in order to recover successfully and return to work, school, play, and other everyday activities as quickly and safely as possible.

Dr. Ann Engelland is a seasoned pediatrician and adolescent medicine physician who works as a school and college physician. She is also an experienced mother of seven children.  Her book, It’s All in Your Head: Everyone’s Guide to Managing Concussions, is a valuable and unique resource for parents, coaches, trainers, physicians, therapists, and school personnel who need to understand concussions and collaborate to manage them safely and effectively.

This website will be an ongoing source of information, shared stories and blogging about head injury, concussion and best practices.